Floyd Mayweather V Tenshin Nasukawa: A glorified sparring between the unbeaten and the underdog

After so much drama and uncertainty, the bout between The Money Man and the Kickboxing champion is now confirmed. Last November Floyd Mayweather himself gave the confirmation.

Recently we learned the fight will most certainly take place at the Rizin 14 on this New Year’s Eve. Saitama Super Arena has been confirmed as the venue for the event.

Unfortunately, as per our source, the Floyd Mayweather V Tenshin Nasukawa will not be broadcasted live in the United States. What’s even more alarming is that Floyd doesn’t seem to be enthusiastic about the fight either.

Tenshin vs Mayweather fight


On the other hand, the underdog Tenshin Nasukawa is on the edge of his seat to have a go at the Money Man.

Initially, there were talks of a mixed set of rules to be fair to both fighters. However, it does not seem to be the case at all. The fight will follow a standard boxing rule and it will be a 3 round game consisting of 3 minutes each. In reality, this does not look anything but 9 minutes of “Glorified” sparing session. Well, this is the case for Floyd at least.

To make things even staler, this fight will not be considered as a professional fight and will not make any changes to either fighter’s professional career record.

Floyd Mayweather is also not trying to sell this more than just an exhibition. He himself knows this is nothing compared to his last fight against the notorious Corner McGregor. Technically, it does not count as a boxing match either and Floyd knows that.

In an interview, Mayweather Jr. bluntly tells everyone to skip the fight if they are not interested. Then again, he was never the type to create fake hypes before his fights.

However, judging by the addiction of the hardcore and casual boxing community, this fight will surely not go unnoticed.

Mayweather’s haters will most definitely continue to hate him. But you absolutely cannot deny the fact that Mayweather has a stronghold over the sport and will continue to do so.